Gathering up the pieces…


Omega Institute in Autumn

The astral is a place of intrigue, mystery and exploration. The exploration is rich enough to be lost in forever. The use of it, however, is reserved for the initiates and the wayward seeker who finds a path that works well enough.

Last night I was teaching meditation in a place much like Omega Institute were I served as core faculty for almost a decade. The environment is nurturing and relaxing for the participants. I was done for the day and was outside in the warm sun contemplating the walk up the steps to return to my room.

I was at Joan’s house, a friend in California who I have visited before. There on the counter were large white chocolate cookies. I took two on the way up to my room despite knowing better than to be eating all over the house. I heard Bill, her husband, ask Joan what happened to the cookies? But I had reached my loft and needed to return home.