Rainbows, rocks, cats, and snakes…

Still haven’t caught up to tell Rita about my real work, but will try to add more details here and there. My spiritual quest to find the meaning of life, why I am here, and what’s it all about began in a mystery school. There all the paranormal, unusual and prophetic skills were accepted and understood. For the first time in my life, I felt like someone spoke my language and could help me learn to use them. I was right.

Before these week long intensive sessions, the dreams would begin. Strange sometimes lucid dreams where I would interact with others would foreshadow my training. The dreams also were accompanied by paintings jumping off the wall, ghosts appearing, or other strange and unusual events in the “real world.”

animalsSo on my birthday yesterday, a really great day, Mystery School reemerged to work in at least four locations this year. This is exciting as I sent my last graduates off to be lights in their own part of the world. Things are shaping up for evolving the work to the next level – we just had to digest where we were- and perhaps to explain to others where we had been. The role we play in shaping reality as made us activists in our own community. How that works evolves over time.

So last night was a weird mixture of images – throwing a huge red fifteen foot fat snake over the fence into my neighbor’s yard. We do that in the south – don’t kill it, just let it go to its fate in the neighbor’s yard.  And since the fat cat was sleeping at my head, I dreamed his dreams of chasing and eating mice and other varmints.  Then my moving van was backed into by the van of the people who were moving out. The house was filled with people (unknown here) and the tub had been pulled away from the wall by an adventurous couple. The symbols were odd and disjointed in the storyline. Worthy of note, but not yet understood.

Happy New Year. Make the most of it.