Dancing in the Light

There are rays of light streaming into the living room – a beautiful unseasonable warm (60F) day. I have the dining room furniture to deal with today so I put my huge old cd shuffler on and let the music play. The sound echos across the way and I dance.

There is an old Native American understanding that if you are sick, you will be asked when was the last time you danced? And that reminds me of the dancers Shelley saw in an old Northern Exposure episode. Shaman Leonard brought such wisdom and insight into the quirky show. These little insights are working through the dense atmosphere like photons bombarding the soil.

Light and water – the secret to life. Music- the remembrance of soul. There is hope in the world. There is joy today.

Sweet dreams are made of these…

dancing in the lightI danced the link between sun and earth – I felt the flow of loving light igniting the burning embers within the people. Hope, life, dreams add so much to the experience of life. Survival mode is not much fun. Such gratitude for being able to read, worship, live and explore in the way that I do. Now to create a future that brings all of that in prosperity.

A prayer for a friend who is awaiting the outcome of a medical test. A prayer for me for a positive experience here. A prayer for the lifting of the burdens of the people.

Dance, all of you.