Full Moon February

When I first met my teacher Ron at a dinner with friends, I discovered he was an excellent cook. He served as hisĀ appetizer a delicious shrimp. Noticing how people deferred to him and wondering just what claim he had, I asked him, “Who are you?”

Unbeknownst to me that was the question to all initiates. Who are we? Part of me goes to poetry…

  • We are the wind that moves the branches,
  • the sigh that escapes a lover’s lips,
  • an immovable, but dynamic force,
  • A living composite of opposing energies.

No label is largest enough to contain us and only the Word can create us. So today as images and words appear on the ever changing website, they are but symbols of the known. As the rays of the sun pour over the earth, we see a new peak that we never knew was there before. The unknown – the great frontier for all of us. Namaste.