In the light of the stars

pyramid The ritual came as a bit of a surprise. Poor Michelle, I kept her up far past her bedtime. Yet it was her struggle to keep awake that fueled the next bit of work. (Happy Birthday by the way.)

We had meditated with a small group earlier in the day and then rewarded ourselves with the best BBQ in N.C. – NOT. Bridges in Shelby actually ran out of BBQ so we settled for a seafood feast nearby. Then home to play CD shuffle tarot – a game invented a long time by Pat Flannagan in Athens.

And then the magic appeared in the room. Two intense beams of light criss-crossed across the room from the ceiling to the floor. I stood tall in the X position where the two beams met in the center of the room. The ceiling was now vaulted stone and the beams traveled the shafts into the pyramid. Sirius’ light I found comfortable and familiar while Alcyone was more distant and softer. And the lights danced within my body – merging, moving, light, water, sound,helix, space, intent.

“You were born to do this.”

And then I was in the pit below in the pyramid. A place of mud – clay. and yet bridging my consciousness from above as below.

And the opposites formed a helix within – a helix of DNA manifesting in the physical. Gods given bodies. Archetypes walking the planet. Everything in form. Destruction of chaos – to find order. A time of harmony – hidden in the hills.

We are no longer awaiting the vortex of trial and resolution. The blueprint is made and form follows function.

believe. trust. know.