Storms, Stars and Stream of Consciousness

Yesterday was a day of gratitude. Thousands of people heeded the warnings to evacuate, the hurricane veered to the northeast away from land, and the horror of Hurricane Matthew that could have been did not materialize. It will take some time for things to return to normal for those who live there. However, life does go on.

So after watching the early morning newscasts with the very animated male sign language interpreter who really took center stage, a rainy gray Saturday stretched out to spend playing catch-up on filing, stories, and housework. Despite the good intentions, the rainy days are good for daydreaming and introspection as well.

When I wandered back to the computer, I was startled to see what appeared to be two stylized eyes peering back at me from the screen.

While conspiracy theories and Stephen King stories flashed through my memory bank, Occam’s razor jumped to the forefront. If two explanations exist for an occurrence, the simpler one is usually better.

Upon looking closer I realized the storm graphics were still loaded on the website. What actually was on the screen was the changing graphic below explaining the theory that Hurricane Matthew could merge with oncoming Hurricane Nicole in the Caribbean.
Could there by binary hurricane systems? The engineer in me began calculating the result of two rotating storms creating an opposite swirling pattern between them. They could stay a binary system or merge into one.

Opposites frequently annihilate – like matter and anti-matter. On the other hand, opposites attract – like in marriage. Left brain and right brain are connected through the corpus callosum, a  thick band of nerve fibers that allow for communication between both hemispheres. East meets west. There must be resolution.

I hate puzzles. They drive me crazy until the last piece is in place.

The intellect while designed to analyze problems often doesn’t have the inspiration of the creative right brain. There is a reason for the division. However the switch had been thrown and now the left analytical half of my brain gave way to the creative right half. The artistry of the color and swirls reminded me of something. Those lined swirls, those colors, the blue background reminded me of stars-the stars of a favorite painting, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.
Patterns of stars are used in astrology and astronomy to mark passages of time and movement in space. Space, the final frontier,and patterns of stars drawn by a woman in 1961 who claimed to have seen the map while she and her husband had been abducted by a Unidentified Flying Object.
betty_hill_star_map Is there anybody out there?

So some conscious observer watches the patterns and with great intent determines reality.

Thanks for journeying within the swirling storm of my consciousness. May we find a port in the storm.