The Lemniscate

Nov. 12, 2016 —The tensions had been building for a long time – like two teutonic plates painfully grinding together until they can find release. The inner being is appalled at a world of chaos or as in my home state North Carolina a hell of burning mountains and a firebug. Yet the outer being walks in calm tension with the inner one.

“When your body senses the correct alignments, the ritual begins.” The electorial tensions in the USA, Sun and Moon, Male and Female all long for resolution. There is no formal instruction needed – to participate you simply have to feel and be.

And in a flash, I am back in Montreat in a ritual, an impromptu one and one never quite explained. Ron had looked at me and telepatheticly asked for my participation. As usual I had no idea what I agreed to. Then his group formed two circles side by side and tangent only at one point. Ron and I were in separate circles. And now – it was time to perform that ritual in full awareness.

lemniscateI recognized it immediately  the Leminscate – a balancing of opposites, the Yin Yang and with the added dimension of time it was the eternal Moebius strip.

A Möbius Strip “is a surface with only one side and only one boundary,” so that it looks like it turns in on itself, but if you could walk around on top of one, you’d never come to the end. “The Möbius strip has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It can be realized as a ruled surface.”mobius

And as the dimensions revealed itself, there was a torus.


 The twelve collapsed into one; the one parted into the twelve. The energy in the darkness was more than the sum total of all rituals I have participated in.

The black ice awareness and the completion of this phase of work. Anything could be created. Anything could be destroyed – all as long as in balance.

The dark Sun rose, but it was no longer dark – it blazed through the darkness and illuminated all interruptions in space.

Then tangent to my sphere was another sphere of twelve components and when it lit it transferred more energy to the next until the torus was formed.

second foundation copyThen the once again the earth poignantly held the effects of time, of lessons, of karma resolving into one. The torus was its aura.  At the center the plant began to glow – light began to emerge from it. Then as if by design, it supernovaed into a brilliant shining star. 

The lines of time dissolved. For each of the twelve, they had access to all.

The time is now.