The Diamond in the Sky

Ron always said when you had the choice between experiencing something or writing it down, choose the experience.

Shrugs – so I haven’t written much. The epic battle of light and dark, the combination of heaven and earth, and the creative aspect of life all woven into the fabric of mundane life.

We were told it would happen. Did it happen before? What if we experiment with time? Of course it is tied to space, and to the darkness of the universe with a single star.

It’s all so simple but impossible to explain. But I will try anyway.

And so we find ourselves in the Tower Room. Dispersed 8 years ago only to gain our own circles and our own tones to enter its interior as a holistic twelve. Those unprepared find their karma greets them. Resolve or be resolved – there is no grace. It is a place of accountability.

The base pyramid is the foundation of the 3-dimensional world of matter and form. The pyramid descending is the fifth dimension of spirit. And the tower room of light or absence of light is the overlapped diamond of the fourth dimension. The tower room is the bridge between matter and spirit.

Note that there is no reference point. Like the void where one waits until the wave moves them forward…or back. 

Without spacial relationships, there is still awareness of multiple diamonds as created by the enlightened ones-overlapping, interlocking, opposing pyramids. And in the center one realizes the tall interdimensional crystalline tower of light transmitting Light and Energy/vibrations. 

As the light expands the walls of the cells, the doorways appear as if in a long hallway and awaiting to be opened. All spacetime exists because of light. All doorways present portals into time. For the master mason, an eye in the sky opens.

But it is not the doorways that are important to the initiate.