Winter Solstice – The Cosmic Egg

Even now as I find it more difficult to remember, the impact of trying to express the solstice ritual exceeds my grasp of words. Yet, I knew something, I experienced something, and time became tangible.

The world of physics and space-time have always fascinated me with my study into metaphysics sparked by the simple equation E=mc2 . I cannot move into intellect to find the superscript, but it is light squared. And the mysteries of two male and one female – h2o . The mysteries – some read this horrified- some see only the words.

Time, time, time,

see what has become of me…

Gospel of Thomas reveals that Jesus did a ritual circle dance with his Apostles accompanied by a call and response song. The Twelve assembled here around the One. The column formed and the interrogation began. All karma must be resolved or at least balanced and I knew now why the old, old memories had been surfacing over the last weeks. Forgive or ask for forgiveness.

It was easy to move into the Void that was no longer absent of anything dark, but palpable dark. There was a quantum sea. The amino acids, the waves of material while I waited in the void. I wondered if I was dead or alive and if it made a difference. I decided I was dead and it really didn’t matter as I could still exist.  I felt that my molecules had spread to their limits and I was mostly space at this time. Space filled with light.

However I could feel the edges of my being and I find it was egg-shaped. My “container” was a gelatinous pink with blue veins egg floating out in space all alone. My awareness remained in the egg awaiting some unknown.Content and whole, I waited.

Reminiscent of a long ago meditation event at Deborah’s house where the workshop was called “Karma in the Rain” a dot of light appeared far off. The egg in the dark and the dot of light streaking toward it within that space The egg remained motionless, with no expectation, with no tools, but passive and quiet.

Then as the streaking light pierced the egg there was a rip through the matrix. An agonizing nonaudible scream ermerged as the split occurred and the egg solidified. A heartbeat began – strong and rhythmic.

Worlds of possibilities appeared, more and more worlds – past or future potential = all within me. The now was creating from the lines of existences. All culture, all worlds, all time contained within the Cosmic Egg.


Content with Content