It takes friction to light a match

“It takes friction to light a match.”

2017 is our year. The work we did in clearing and cleansing allows us to be.

The friction in the world is part of the beginning of greater illumination. We will see people waking up in the next three months. More and more of us will come together to share the spark.

Lou – I created a patter with the shells you brought to me from Oz. And they were anchored in a strong red heart. We send you good health.

Equinox will set up the powers that are in the world to confront our own narcissism in the United States. We must be. That is it – just be who we are as we move into the the 5th and 6th dimensions. The layer of the intellect is FULL, SATURATED, and we have no choice but to move higher into the spiritual hierarchy. It has been our destiny all along.

By the solar solstice in August, we will see what remains from our brokenness. The crack is where the light gets in. Sing it Leonard.

And the light ignites as seen in the Egyptian desert so many many years ago. We will see the success of our mission. Be. Just be the light in your corner of the world. Share your wisdom with the youth. We have done well.

By Winter Solstice the illusion of reality dissipates. Namaste.