The Cabin

Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2013 4:21 AM
Subject: cabin trip

August 31, 2013

I am at the remote cabin near my home. The landline is out as it frequently is. My cell phone which doesn’t work here anyway is at MY house on the charger having been forgotten. The internet is spotty here – satellite only. It’s been a quiet night. Harley is here with me as he prefers the risk of being eaten alive by the resident one-eyed terrorist cat than being left alone.

The three legged black dog is out on the porch. She awoke me barking around midnight, but since there are frequently fox, coyotes, and other critters around I wasn’t worried and dropped back asleep.

The ringing of my cell phone alarm clock awoke me. In my haze I remembered I had set it to wake the child for school yesterday. It is Saturday; no need to get up. I also remembered I didn’t have it with me.

As I awoke more fully, I realize I am moving through the air outside. The night sky is plainly visible. As I get closer to “my bed” I hear the sound of a “large fan” turn off. (Nothing is on at the cabin at night.) I struggle for one last look at the night sky and see a 50′ (?) delta triangular craft with lights in the sky just over the treetops.

The alarm clock is ringing again – surely it is the kid’s kindle alarm clock, but I know she has it set for the zen sound, not this annoying ringing.

Suddenly Harley jumps up on my hip. We watch the strange light outside the window. I keep wondering what time is it, what’s happening, how is it that I can see this?

My breast hurts from the biopsy as I try to turn. I remember someone examining it, touching it. (I’ve been reluctant to that myself.) There is a flash of insight as I remember bright lights coming up the drive. (it is VERY remote here and passing cars are not visible but heard maybe every 3 days.) Bright lights? I didn’t bring a gun. Who would be making their way up here anyhow? It is not easy to find unless you know where you are going.

I finally had to get up, turn on the lights and find a clock. 3:45 AM .

Harley won’t let me out of his sight, the kid is sound asleep. Other animals are quiet.

And how did you sleep tonight?