And into that good night…

Magnetic Filament on Sun 2012

Magnetic Filament on Sun 2012

So, yes, what I perceived has been confirmed. The cosmic creator pattern is activated…hmmm… took five years. The incoming energies are shifting, the sun is moving toward a new way of being and well, the Visitors are returning to reside within us.

The first draft of the book is done but a major edit is required. Funny how differently things look now versus 20 years ago. Odd, how did it go by so quickly? And in the song’s immortal words…”I am still here.”

The muse has kept me up all nights writing – roughly 3000 words a session. Enough to make the shoulder sore and fingers ache. Yet the material writes so one has learned to dance with the muse when he arrives.

Forgiveness comes as well as one relives events and sees them from a different perspective. Memory is extremely flawed – sequence, and mundane events fade to black. Yet peak events come to light with new experiences shining insight upon them.

“I and my Father are one.” Happy Birthday Dad in your new place.”

Then the dream opened – New York City in a large fine hotel room with double closets, huge oversize shower, sage green walls, and I am there to celebrate something. I remember DJ showing up and we had quite a reunion. The passion never died between us over 16 years – and we accepted each other warts and all. Yet as I kissed him goodbye…the dream ground to a halt with a brief injection of reality when he asked,

“Do you know who you are making love to?”

DJ died over a year ago.