The Karma Triangle

Over two weeks have passed and still hard to find words. Reminds me of a poem Ron wrote years, no decades, ago. About sitting at a table alone and desiring to relate to someone. I have it somewhere…

He repeatedly said, somewhat to the chagrin of his partner, that no one person could satisfy him. That the group is his true partner. And decades later, I can relate. There are so many parts of me that the collective must reflect it back to me. It’s lonely. A few parts no one can touch – so in that emptiness I explore.

Sorry Claire and Christine, I will probably always talk too much. I’m always so happy to have you to relate to. There is also the desire to convey something to you for you to have and use in the future.

Ayahuasca. The Snake, Ouroboros, the turn of the spiral, the roller coaster going loop to loop and the law of three. The triangle made by throwing knives and feeling the energy contained and focused. For a couple of years I have been exploring the effects on myself. It is the abyss framed by lines of karma. Then the experiment expanded to first Claire and then Chris in the center individually.

The three men were the key. They provided the tantric partner to unleash the higher creative aspect. And once the keymaker unlocked the door they are no longer necessary.

And then the county in which I reside was the focus. And so it was. The energy built to the point of pain last week and realizing that my vessel was not large enough, I asked the twelve to assemble and share what was happening in their own circles.

And then magic occurred. Everything I have worked for in the last 3 years is about to explode in public awareness. And the Twelve must direct which direction it will resolve in. We have a week or so. Time isĀ fleeting…

The group must always have work to do for the energy to flow. Namaste.