Shifting Gears – The Blue Fairy annoints

Poof and with a wave of the magic wand it all changes. Never before have 6 billion people received an upgrade at the same time. This is the last of the Great Experiments on this planet; the last chance for the wholeness to permeate in harmony through all life forms. That August birthday was significant after all.

The Light of Seeding returns in the cosmic cycles. The Dark Star’s light hidden behind our solar – its rays only reaching us at sunrise and sunset. In the incessant dance of the cosmos, you will be followed by a Moon’s shadow. The shadow arrives with perfect accuracy, and touches down in the north Pacific Ocean at 16:48:33 UT*, at local sunrise. At that spot, the Sun will actually rise while totally eclipsed.  Nearby Greenville, S.C. will be in the path of the total eclipse.

“Catch the nexus.”

And many will. The time of opening is arriving  The 3rd dimension was a place where suffering can be alleviated by taking compassionate action — feed the hungry, overthrow the dictators, protest the injustice. The 3rd dimension is follow the leader, teacher, messiah.

One graduates into the expressive 4th dimension of karma (cause and effect). This is the world of manipulating time, sending thought forms and understanding the collective mind. The 4th dimension represents individuality and creativity. One needs no teacher – everything is available to you across the network of lines between us. Balance on the high wire and don’t look down. Be. I am.

For those who have the understanding it is the triple play, the three knives, the karmic triangle. You must work from above and not below.

The 5th dimension is the plane of love and compassion. We are not separate — we are one being living in one universe created by one. Spirit within directs the best possible action. The 5th dimension is unity. Mature spiritual beings co-creating together while respecting each others’ individuality.

For the few the 6th dimension will be a vast empty universe with passing shapes.

Will it be a 1-D shift for most or will it it leap forward in more than one dimension?