Aligning the dimensions and realities

Even as I write that fragment of a title, I remember Ron answering one of questions with “Dimension is the elevator; realities are the floors.”

State-specific consciousness – I had forgotten that fragment until now.
“You’ll always remember things when you need them.”

Flatlander – two-dimensional beings.

3-dimensional beings – dimensions folding in on themselves.

Moving from Pleiades to Sirian blue light. Ah, yes, but light is frequency and we have a spectrum of frequencies to co exist in.The light spectrum and beyond. I know that I see ultraviolet light better than most. Born that way so no need to call it a skill. A prodigy.

The visible light spectrum is like the meditation levels we learned so long ago. And the wand is like the alignment of identity throughout the spectrum. One wand – alignment of the worlds of existence.

And beyond light – sound. The oming together at Pathfinder – we found the path. It was always there. Om Shanti.

This world is magical when the alignment happens. Lines change and merge with a thought containing intent. Project what you wish – this is a time when dreams come true.

Multi-dimensional being – form is a choice. Wish I could pick up the phone to argue with Ron. Form as a choice is one of the decisions to be made in the coming times.

Ride the wave.