World without End

Always duality in a three dimensional world – a never ending cycle of is/is not, hot/cold, dark/light. How quickly those bright moments of enlightenment fade to black over time? The mysteries fade to nothingness; life goes on as before.

Shock values change – who ever thought that the sight of airliners crashing into the twin towers would fade? But it has. For a moment, not only NYC woke up, but a world along with it who sat by the broadcasts of horrifying images. Whether it happened as reported or whether there were other factors at work such as those the conspiracy theorists suggest is a matter of opinion. What is fact?

Is truth unchanging law? Are my truths the same as yours? Evolution spirals on and so must truth? So little makes sense and yet it all fits into a holographic pattern.

Yet as I reread the draft of Mystery School I see how even as the conclusion forms – it does not mean it was the ultimate truth? Balance, reason, feeling, and spirit all conspire to make us look outside the box. For now, enough to mull over on this beautiful autumn day.