A Day without Internet – Mystery School

For some unreported reason, my internet server only allowed me on Facebook and Google Search. I couldn’t click any links or read any news. Interesting day of reflection – as it was Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of reflection and atonement.

So, worked on other projects in my isolation and published some books online. I will probably release Mystery School in the next few days – it is a true account of my initiation into the tradition. Many of you who followed after me will be surprised at the different teachings and process. The conclusion of mine at the end of training was valid and appropriate, but remember everything evolves.

The stories are mostly in one place finally and I found a few old pictures to put in there. What a process to relive those old events and energies.


And for a few – the dreams are back.

For those with eyes to see… namaste, mangravite,