Dream within a Dream

wandering  a parking lot

taking a cart down the stairs so that I can get into the “mall”

go downstairs

and out to the shore

but when there it is a rushing river

must cross it, but Ron has always told me not to enter an unknown water without knowing the depth

Blonde friend arrives and shows me the pavement beneath and I cross

Reach the house where the gathering is held. Joe is arriving and I note he has put on a lot of weight. He goes to hug me, but sees Deborah and refrains.¬†Deborah is there, but doesn’t offer the truth. Stuart remains in the background.

Ken is against the seawall. He wraps me in his arms and there is tantra. He touches me and I rotate. There is one who remembers after all.

Sandi when confronted says that Ron has died.

“When?” I ask. “You weren’t going to tell us?”

Patty is there and she said, “I had wondered. I had a dream about Ron.”

“Tell me,” I said.

“I had promised not to.”

“But I am your friend.”

“You’re right. I have to share this dream with my friend.” Patty stammers around and cannot come up with the right date.

No one remembers that Ron was already dead.