The joys of a few days of reflection and accomplishing some long over due projects. Been meditating more than usual as I have been asked to put the work of the group in action. What does that mean to you?

One of the joys of working with a teacher was that Ron Mangravite would always give me a timeframe. Who knows if it was ever accurate, but it settled my anxiety and was enough. Now I know, on my own, that I have three weeks. Really, three weeks? A very short timeframe after all.

In one of my meditations, I remembered buying a green sequined dress with a three ruffle skirt. I was curious about what happened to it as it was one of those favorite things stashed in the back of the closet. Years have passed since I wore it.

Today, after a delightful lunch with new clients, I stopped into the “good neighborhood” thrift store to see what finds were to be had. There, on the rack, was the exact dress I had bought so many years ago. I gazed in wonder – but only noted that it and a fleur-de-lis for the front door had manifested within days of my thinking of them.

What if ? Do you remember the experiment with the price of gold?

Headed for a New Year’s reunion – and a staking of this new energy.