Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night

Ron Mangravite once gave his working spiritual group an assignment to live as if this was their last day alive. Thirty years ago, I predicted the day of my own death. It seemed a long way away back then – much less so now.

Curse or gift to know of your own passing? Or is it a rite of passage. Still, it inspires me to get my affairs in order and reflect on my own legacy and what few remaining attachments I have.

Updating my will reminds me of how little possessions are worth. The value is my emotional attachment or memories associated with these things. As I age, those attachments diminish as well. What purpose did my life make? Did it make a difference? Did I accomplish what I came here to do?

Then, is a prediction whose associated prediction DID come true, a destiny cast in stone? What is free will? Or karma? Are we co-creators or not? I get the chance to find out in my own specially designed experiment. Watch your dreams my friends.

The conflict resolved with the lady, one of my dreams, the lady in white, came through a clue with a friend who told me to OWN IT. His words echo inside my head as I examine my life.

For those who read Mystery School you may find that each wave of training was radically different. Ron at his home one visit made sure to show me each group portrait made at each meeting. At times, he allowed his dark aspect to shine through on this light goddess and made connections that have taken me 20 years to fully comprehend. Yet,it is time. MY time. In my book which is more expansive than just my time with Ron, the lady makes several appearances.

So I share with you one of the morning insights or dreams that I had. I awoke to the return of the light beings who were placing my body in the Hanged Man position of the Tarot.

We shall see what unfolds.