Perception is/is not Reality!

Self fulfilling prophecy. Sitting in a town council meeting, one sees the same people giving the same opinions about the same things. Until a young attractive woman with her two children shows up and indicates she wanted to speak during public comments.

As long as the council and the town staff only ask opinions from their limited circle of friends there will never be an honest portrayal of the situation. According to their perspective, no one disagrees with them. However, there are many circles in town that don’t intersect with theirs.

Some one has to cross the boundary. Someone has to speak up.

Thank you Amanda for doing that tonight. As a former elected official who has some respect, perhaps they will listen to your perception. Maybe they will look from another angle the issues affecting the citizens – all the citizens, not just their cronies.

Perception is or is not reality – perhaps only illusion. Truth is not fooled by either of them.