Mystery School – A Snapshot in Time

People have asked me why I wrote Mystery School in third person since it is in fact autobiographical. Perhaps the best answer is that I am no longer the same person I was when those events occurred. It has been 20 years, though it seems like yesterday, and I needed the separation or distance to look more objectively.

When writing it, the process took me back in time to re-experience those insights and events. Yet, one cannot go back in time with the same innocence. Events are highlighted that mean more now than they did then. Characters/people who seemed so important in some cases faded away in my memory.

Memory-the gift of the gods. A flawed memory at that.

The conclusion of the book may lead to erroneous conclusions as well. My teacher evolved as much as I did. Time and energy led into new and higher realms. So, the reason to read the book is to understand the process of transformation within a mystery school.

The mysteries are within for those with the eyes to see.