Merging Astral

Ron told me it would be a great accomplishment when the dreams and mundane coexisted. I guess he would be proud. He also said it would be good when the former group forgot him and since their connection was broken long ago, I guess that is good as well.

The dreams have been back – as strong as they once were. Fragments from yesterday were Loyce and I making “collard” rolls, sort of like cabbage rolls. Then I walked by the dessert trays and the two color cakes did me in. My sweet addiction is out of control again. As Nancy Reagan espoused, “Just say no.”

Last night, feeling bored with the world and in general, I meditated on the words that had come so strongly a few short weeks ago. “There’s no more time for teaching; this is the test.”

My assemblage of the twelve was completed years ago. I sent my group all away to live happy peaceful lives.

If you have read my book, you know that my life has been far from boring. Still I pondered what was left. Then the lifting of self into a higher realm which reminds me that keeping any 12 principles together was hard work. Checks and balances. It was a long night of reminders, questions, and deliberate actions.

As I used to ask Chris “what should we pack on the spaceship? ” I asked myself was I happy. The American Constitution promises us the pursuit of happiness, not the attainment.

Then I was in a warm climate, escorted by a young brunette woman through a maze of vendor stalls, towards a small facility. Evidently I had been prepared to go through this next test although the teaching had been rushed. I had to find those few small items that were necessary. Little cutouts sprang up of Easter like bunnies, foxes, and turtles. I knew them as symbols so walked on.

The scent rising from the tray next to me caught my attention. As another person pinched off a bit to sample, I followed suit. “Cinnamon!” The bark was soft, chewy, and delicious. I purchased a small amount that was handed to me in a small sealed plastic bag.

Next, there were some seeds. I tucked them into my large hemp bag.

Then Maya took my elbow and steered me over to view the large metal cages. They could have been dog runs, but they were made out of much thicker metal.

“You will need one of these. It will protect you from the things that seek to harm you.”

I didn’t want a cage, but at her urging explored the display sample. Lovely vines made a live roof, birds sang from the rooftop and a cozy reading/sleeping nook made it seem less like a prison than a home. I picked a smaller one and Maya arranged for it to be packed and delivered.

I was ready. For what? I don’t know.