Hindsight is 20-20

The photo slid from the files onto the floor. She had forgotten how he had looked. The beard that hid the acid scars from a laboratory experiment long ago. The face that had grown gaunt from the constant pain he had. While he taught her that pain could be a tool, there were times when the body demanded full attention.

She had been looking for the information on living crystals today. Ironically she had taken his crystal from the medicine bag where it had rested for almost a decade. She knew why she had one and she knew what to do with it.

How come what seems so clear now was so murky back then?

The words of the last newsletter caught her off-guard. She had known of his impending death months before it had occurred. Now the written words took on different meanings.

She found her notes, the emails of a trusted friend, and the newsletters of her own group. It was time to bring it all together. She knew. Even if the circle didn’t know, it was time.