3-1-13 DJ

The plane was approaching to land. The green coastal landscape moved ever quickly below me. Perspective is everything. Vacation or meeting across the world in Thailand. I am not sure.

DJ was there to meet me at the airport. We passed the beach where we had been so many times. The hurricanes had ravaged the shore. Where houses once stood, small isle held families camping out on the remaining land. Yet they seemed happy – it wasn’t a disaster zone, but an acceptance zone.

We got to DJ’s large modern home – kept perfectly as he liked it. It was just the two of us. The kids long grown up and gone and this was the place he had retired. Sun streamed in from the windows at the top of the cathedral ceiling. I had forgotten how he kept the A/C so cold that I needed a sweatshirt, but I didn’t have one.

I lay on the floor by the stair well waiting for him to finish his task. Finally he leaned over and said, “Hey, has anyone ever taken you to the Shae???? park?”

“Nope!” I was surprised that he was going to make time to take me sightseeing as he usually worked most of the time. However, DJ was about making everything fun. People loved working with him as even the most boring of tasks could be filled with laughter.

As we faced each other for the first time in years, he said, “This may be the time to finally end this.”

I smiled a bit sadly and replied, “It may already be ending for us.”

Then I woke up.