Mystery School Followup

Remember that this book, Mystery School, is simply my perspective of the process of transformation I underwent with Ron Mangravite. Both Ron and I evolved over the next few years. Yet, there are times I long for the excitement, drama, and energy of those times.

Ron told me as I grew in awareness that I would find fewer and fewer people to relate experiences with. Well, publishing a book releases me of those memories and shares them with those who have eyes to see.

And still, many of Ron’s friends and acquaintances across the country contact me as his memory moves through the collective consciousness. In many ways, there is a secret club of those who fell under his spell or awareness.

Today I drove through the retreat area where his first training sessions were held. It was snowing lightly and the area was almost deserted. There was a peace there and a memory of dreams shared and revisited.

I never thought we would get this far. In this virgin ground is potential for much change. Perhaps it is simply time to dream together – and cocreate the way we agreed to do when we first assembled.