Flaming Pyramids on the Mountain Top

The quiet evening with few electromagnetic waves bombarding my presence meant a long sleep period. The dreams came again – themes of betrayal, hurt, and men who abuse. Yet in none of them were characters that I know from this life.

Is it archetypal clearing? Release of my old patterns? Cleansing of past lives?

The coyote howled and I opened one eye. The huge bed is set high and beside me the one-eyed cat stirred at my movement. There are no blinds or curtains on the windows. There are no neighbors and no need for privacy. Yet there was an orange-ish glow from outside.

Then the three legged dog wandered in and hopped easily up on the bed to stretch out beside me. I might as well wake up – dawn was approaching. Rolling onto my side, there it was – a flaming orange pyramid outside my bedroom window.

NOW I was awake. Pyramids hold a special place in my heart, but never in this lifetime have I seen one glowing from within.

Feet hit the floor, glasses found, and I stood at the window gazing upon this wonder.

Yep, the chicken house light was keeping the chickens warm.