Thoughts R Things

At are fingertips or through voice commands, everything ever written, recorded, or photographed exists in a digital cloud. That amorphous cloud doesn’t exist in the air, but is in racks of silicon storage devices. Just like the olden days where memories, patterns, and knowledge were contained and transferred through organic quartz crystals.

Those electronic data farms are located in strategic parts of the world – some secreted away and others in plain view alongside the highways. Everything we ever recorded can be found within a few seconds. The akashic records but with a due date.

When the Internet begin it seemed an unlimited repository; now obsolete pages in Facebook of the deceased remain for a limited “memorial” time. I remember seeing the “last page of the Internet” early on in its creation Maybe things are not deleted, but are hidden by the sheer amount of data the search engines compile.

“If data/knowledge can’t be found, then does it exist?”