Boston Tragedy

Hard to imagine the horror, shock and betrayal in Boston today as two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Medics and bystanders went into rescue mode to do what they could. So what underlies the increasing or seemingly increasing incidents of humanity’s crimes against humanity?

Having faced some other dimensional horrors recently, I spent some time meditating and seeking counsel of my peers. The best I can theorize at this time, it’s as if a time bomb as gone off in human consciousness. New Age teachers tell me that no longer are classes and tours filled. It’s “closing time.” The gatekeeper has deemed it.

Can we make a difference? Mostly by being aware and present where we are. Doing our work on this level. AND shifting lines of destiny among the sets of twelve.

The last rays of light illuminate the dark corridors of our minds. And among them – are bullies and terrorists.

Do your work. Say your prayers. and remain Aware.