The Teacher Said . . .

All these many years ago and I still remember what my teacher said. Perhaps it was because I meditated as I fell asleep last night. Part of me wonders how many of his students still practice what he taught. Yet my own practice slips from time to time as if I must enter the mundane world to retrieve some experience to finish out my own understanding.

The comment came after an intense meditation morning in October in Montreat NC.

“I realize that after all these years that what was informing me was myself,” Ron said with his deep morning voice and an air of profound realization.

So this morning as I awoke from an intense night of “dream activity” and found that moment all too present in my mind, I reflected on my own status. There was a long ago teaching on the different bodies we possess – the physical, the dream, and the light body. After a particularly deep meditation, I opened my mind to see “ghostly” figures attached but floating behind each of his students. I’ve always been clairvoyant, but this was different. These figures floated behind them about 3-4 feet away with the exception of Ron. When I commented on it, he replied, “I integrated that body with my normal awareness.”

Life is for learning and my own evolution continues. And I too have learned who is informing me.