Mystery School – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

smlogoMystery School – a place of integration and application of the world’s mysteries to evolve global consciousness through spiritual activism. Mystery school is not for everyone – only those willing to commit to understand themselves, the world, and spiritual forces that direct it.

As we revamp not only ourselves, our school, and our work in the world, the ancient mysteries meet the secret societies, the galactic councils, the goddess worship, the religious traditions and shamanism. The wheel of wisdom is reemerging from the darkness of hidden consciousness. The spiral has turned to a higher level. From the great year cycle of 26,000 years, the evolution of consciousness has arrived into new territory.

The groups of twelve support the great archetypal Twelve.

We’re teaching again – looking for established and new communities to work with being the change we wish to see in the world. Come learn and travel with us. Explore your place within this universe and the work of the invisible society. We are offering the introductory workshops of:

Transformative Meditation

Initiation in the Mystery School Traditions

Masks of the Archetypes

Upon acceptance into intensive program, we ask for a four session of five days each commitment over two years. This allows the higher awareness and energies to integrate into your being. Upon completion, you may be asked to join Mystica, a working mystical organization of spiritual activism.

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