And So the Circle Opens

Jim brought me to the new location – a large meeting room in a somewhat remote location. There was a lake or ocean nearby and sandy white paths. He set up a blue plastic tent for himself and me. I had not seen him in 25 or 30 years. Yet I never have forgotten his kindness to me or a friendship that lasted for decades. In the astral, he was back in his early forties and in the prime of his life.

Yet he was the catalyst to call the circle together. When Normandi arrived, I let her know why Jim was there. Then the people gathered in an L-shaped room which made me wonder how we could form a decent circle, but of course when we did the room simply reshaped itself. This was a first gathering with a mixture of men, women and ghosts all feeling jittery, excited, nervous, and special.

When I brought them together energetically, a few started talking to their neighbor or friend and despite my glare didn’t catch the hint that it was time to let the ego fears go. There were 50 people there – a larger beginning group than normal though I knew many would be unable to complete the course. At least not in this lifetime. I recognized a childhood friend, David B., in the circle and several new men. A young woman with Down’s syndrome, Kathy,  got the energy immediately. When I needed to take care of something, it was she who formed the chalice and held the group together.

And so it begins…