The Ghost in the Country Cabin

4 a.m. Awaken, check the house, feed the cat and back to bed. Sleep perchance to dream.

The door between sleep and awake consciousness opened into an unexpected dream scene. My cousin greeted me in a rolling countryside setting. We walked together up the dirt road towards the small ill-built cabin of the 1800’s era. The pathway to the front door had been lined with stones and roses were being stuck in the ground by a worker as we approached.

There was to be a wedding – perhaps outdoors as the weather was nice.

Perhaps twenty people were there to make the preparations of food and decoration.

We went up the two wooden plank steps to the side porch door – no one in the country enters the front door. Inside was a large room – perhaps an old parlor with the original furnishings in it. A woman, perhaps my mother, guided me over to an opening in the floor where “the original bath was located.” It was more of a powder room, below grade, and furnished with marble fixtures. The path to it was marked off with Police Tape.

The room was filled with memories and presences. I remarked to a friend (Deb who had appeared out of nowhere) that this was the most haunted house I had ever been in.

The ghost reminded me that I was related to her in some way. A man named Riley came up and was unaware of the ghost whose presence filled the room.

It is all only an angle away.