The game changes…

How could I forget that the game changes? This is an experiment and sometimes unexpected things happen.

So the clue was: My modem inexplicable unplugged itself yesterday. Good job. It did it again. Now you have my attention.

The Associated Press article was the number one story in the nation in early March. Their story – an expose of an alleged abusive religious cult here. This case is one I have been following for some time.

so – i meditated to get the modem message – amazed that physical act was manifested. And I noted how long it had been since I had been contacted that way.

And it began with a vision – one that began when the Charleston, SC shooter was arrested not far from here. Call it an inverse tornado, a black hole, or a drain – it was bigger than before and a woman’s face was the shell for it.

I remember telling Ron I had never encountered Evil – he looked amazed and I have since learned how naive I was.

Evil incarnate.

Then something Claire had said to me about MY metaphor not being applicable to hers – particularly in the law of threes – showed me another explanation.

There were two circles – dark wind like forces in the outer and 12 robed white beings in┬áthe inner circle facing the leader of the circle. They were dancing in different directions. THEN – in the center floated the earth alone out in space. And it was drawn to the wormhole – flashes of light and then we were through. We emerged where the Blackstar shines. Most light was ultraviolet.

Fade to black.

Then I am at Montreat in the center of the circle. There are approximately 50 people seated in the circle in the main room on meditation cushions. Lots of young men wearing Omega type clothing and young woman as well. No one that I recognize in this lifetime. I was teaching – again.

fade to black.

I have driven up to a house near where a small, very small town exists. As I enter the doorway, I am greeted warmly by Jan and Brenda who have many things to share with me. I did learn of a film they had made of Ron. Also they had a collection of gems, or Stones as Jan corrected me, in the attic. Each crystal, stone, or gem was to be used for a specific purpose.

Fade to black.

How are your dreams?