The dragon sleeps

I am not certain when this dragon wrapped his translucent wings binding me close to his dark heart.

Darkness feeds on light. The descent into darkness of the void burdened with its karma. Along the tunnel walls figured with odd ridges and structures that slowed the movement of an excruciating passage. Each step was a memory to resolve – forgive or be forgiven. Let go!

Remembering and thanking the past journey into Seth’s tomb in Egypt that gave me guidance. There too the passage into total darkness is the terrain of the dragon, the unknown. The tunnel is decorated with the Book of the Dead. Myraah tones the words in my memory as she did more than a decade ago. The stone box, imposing since it was the only thing in the room, was sensed before seen. Diving deep to sit under the sarcophagus lid, I close my eyes out of habit.

Darkness, no projection of reality, tabula rasa – just awareness. No identity, name, or thought. No connection to the world outside. Present but in no time.

This is the place I only remember when I return there. It is the place my psychic self reaches for patterns. Patterns – making order out of chaos. The work of the ancient magicians. Awareness and clarity – dark ice filled with potential.

Anubis, the dark jackal, is here to serve as my guide. Dragons mean nothing to jackals. And in here, there is no dragon. The King awaits on the other side. I re-member.

Though I too have served as a guide many times, there now is a difference. We, living archetypes, are to pass through. The only thing that can pass through the void is pure identity. This is NOT meditation, nor imagination. This is the realm where the Indian guru said could not be talked about. There is no walking, there are no legs.

And now the Bodhisattva Vow confronts me. Do I as a single identity pass through carrying the lessons of this world into another one? Or are the Twelve to move as one – or is this another Heaven’s Gate. Shemyaza. Anubis awaits.

There is a pulse – a wave, a particle, a dance, a heart. Anubis still waits with no expression. It is my decision – one eclipse – a news persona covers the compassionate soul. An eclipse to release all that energy through the net. Indra’s net.

The other VOW appears before me – RE-Member.