Dance all of you

“When you have the choice to experience something or write about it, chose the experience,” Ron Mangravite

“When you align the spheres correctly, you must have a work for the group to do. That energy must be used with intent and heart,” one of the last things Ron said to me on his 65th birthday.

I feel my friend Lou so closely tonight. Her work in the Earth Vases and the chakra stones sifted through the waters here. My own stones from that day remain on the candle holder burning in the bird bath. The cicadas blend their rhythms together for a firestorm of energy and light. E=mc2. The spheres align and hold and the hair of Shiva waves through the void. What do you want?

The dragon buried in the land here has loosed his rage upon the land. And yet, one remains an island in the chaos that swirls about. Karma has come to balance the land. Forgive or be forgiven – it is an instantaneous choice that requires no thinking. There is no time.

The Beast that heads to Bethlehem is stymied. It is only a pause, but a pause for consideration of choice. A look at a worthy opponent struggling to fertilize the hatred and hardness in humanity for us to destroy ourselves reveals the illusions we hold.

And yet the moon outside marks the passage of time. Within and without it. Weary, I long for an innocent babe’s sleep, but it does not come. At dawn, I drift into the astral for a respite from the world.

And once more despite the fact he is long dead, Ron is in his kitchen cooking breakfast for his students and work crew. He is making me popovers – though I am the only one who had requested them. He is pleased with me. He aligns his energy with mine in a way we did 26,000 years ago. Both of us perhaps a bit wiser for the experiences. The infusion is appreciated.

The mark of the beast upon my cheek is healing. Her flying monkeys stalk me but even they know the power of the crows message here. The heartbroken non-verdict crushed the spirit of the warriors. Warriors who want to live love, but know their path is to free the oppressed. (Thank you David for that.) And those of us that thought we could fight no longer are ready for another round.

I will sit with my wounded King this month. For I know the loneliness he feels. The fabric of reality is full of holes and yet there are a few that know. A precious few.

As the eclipse allows darkness in day, it allows dark light to be seen.

It will take the assembled group to unravel these cryptic metaphors.