Collective Consciousness

Transformative Meditation was/is a part of the mystery school. For me, a large part. My teacher Ron, knowing I was clairvoyant used to put me in stages of consciousness so I could describe it to him. However, it is much more than that in its teaching.

We built a collective consciousness – I still access my students and his to remember past lives, this life’s teachings, and to learn about things I have not personally experienced. The working group becomes ONE. We transcend the personal egos to create something much greater – moving as a group up through the levels of TransMed.

Recently – in the past few years that is, the group matured into a high level, and high functioning entity. At the end of TransMed, I stated we could become co-creators of reality. Indeed, this group began too create – first with ourselves, then with my community and then with my county.Things started to happen. (This is why i mentioned to you the Associated Press stories on Breaking Faith – that is about 5 miles from me. And YES, it is likely they are going down. The feds may have them for homeland security.)

Do we create or shape reality? Certainly it cannot be done from the ego level, but must be done from the transpersonal level.

In my case with the church – I found a creative story of my past in Atlantis and Venus to draw upon. In doing so, I attracted three male men here to play roles with the three aspects of the goddess. An archetypal myth played out in real space-time. The balance of twelve – the passion of opposites, and the holding of a larger vision. It’s not to completion yet, this vision, but the steps are unfolding.

The Amarjah Wisdom School is my own creation of the past bringing the wisdom of the Pleidians to the Atlantians. We know how THAT worked out. This has been tried at least 4 times in different earths. This time is the first time it has worked since the beginning.

Since the eclipse – access has been much easier.