The Mysteries

Sometimes it takes an outsider to point out changes one has made. But here goes, since the eclipse which seems to be a reset button on the universe, I’ve been more open, perhaps a bit kinder, and Reborn. Yes, that is the word. Reborn – the sense of time has changed and there is NOW. This moment – now. All the teachings fall on deaf ears until one truly gets it.

“The sky is blue.”

Also, for Chris and others, I have been living an interstitial reality. It’s sort of like being physically transparent. My being emanates across the skin “barrier” as well. A “dreamer” walking through the world. Or my left brain says, a full integration of the astral and physical body. There is no separation which makes the transparent feeling and provides easy access.

The Game of Life

Until you understand the Laws and Levels, and how they interplay, you will be an unwittingly pawn in someone else’s game. This forbidden knowledge has been either lost or deliberately hidden. The consequences of our choices cycle until brought into balance. Call it bliss, peace or heaven – however tenuous it seems, enjoy the now.

So Claire and all, there still must be a struggle in those pockets of inhumanity to man, but don’t forget WHO you are. Find the peace and solace in your soul to restore periodically. Your mission is like no other – despite energetic similarities.

The Energetic Grid surrounding our planet reflects and amplifies levels of Collective Consciousness

All grid energies are connected from the Earth’s core (Lou – the vases), the planetary surface (ley lines) and finally the crystalline grid. Information/vibration is shared between the Earth, its inhabitants and the Collective Grid which receives interdimensional information.

This new Sun reborn from the Moon’s shadow has higher frequency rays that require a grounding into the Earth. Those rays awaken dormant frequencies in humanity. We are part of the collective group serving as either lightning rods or transformers to the planet and its inhabitants.

The concept of planetary grid mirrors the formation of good working groups – select your members wisely- and the creation of a “crystal” or of a good meditation group.

Geometric grids were taught by Greek philosophers Plato and Pythagoras in their mystery schools. Note that pyramids, temples and stone circles are located on the grid cross points.

This Life Force uses these cross points to transfer higher energies into “Sacred Spaces.”  For example, the Great Pyramid of Giza is located at the geographical center of our Earth. While higher energies form in the above ground pyramid, a pyramid focusing the energy from the earth upwards forms a diamond. From this, a network of magnetic resonance moves through out the lines.

Energy = mass x speed of light squared

We are a part of the grid. Our group identity interpenetrates that grid. If one remembers the energy circles where energy is passed around the circle, a column of energy or light formed in the center. These are nature’s properties of electromagnetism.

Mass is an interruption in space. Humanity too is not only affected by electromagnetism. Electricity and electromagnetism are forces of nature that affect all manifestations created by a higher being/order/law..

New energy in the form of radiation and photons emanating from the sun energizes not only our grid, but also to the blueprint of life, our DNA.

Dance and ceremony are used to restore the rhythm to balance the grid. Dances influence physical, local and distant conditions, including weather, or in a pattern restore the blueprint of life. Ley line sites magnify the effect. Sacred sites became the meeting places of heavenly and earthly power. And although used for healing, divination and calendrical purposes, ultimately the temples were used as gateways to other dimensions or vibrations.

Ancient temples are permanent representations of nodes of energy, leading to their recognition as places of power.The same bioelectrical process works through the chakras in the human body. The electromagnetic processes in the earth are cross points in the grid have a direct influence on the physical body. The iron in the blood and pineal gland are magnetically influence along with the liquid iron core of Earth.

The pineal gland connects the creative source to the brain to downloads from the grid. This gland is known as the ‘Seat to the Soul’ and the cosmic receiver & sender of multidimensional information.


The procession of the equinox (a full cycle of the galaxy) 25827.5 years marks the marks one full cycle of consciousness. The heartbeat of the universe… Yin And Yang, The Mayan Cycle, The Yuga Cycle etc.. It’s the macronism and the micronism… everything exists and cycles, even the universe. Every cycle involves the movement of planetary bodies, and the level of electromagnetism emitted.

And there is only the now.