The eighth moon of 29,065
it has been a long time since I touched you – and miss the shared awareness, friendship, and challenges.It has been an eventful month.
The UFO visits have been captured again on the hunter’s camera. More than once and a realization that inorganic life may be the light beings I have known for so long. Light and water – the mystery of creation.
One is both the wave and particle – either, or, both, neither, The union of Sun and Moon is a wave of bliss and from the two a third is born.
Light squared is Energy/mass. Mass is Energy/light squared – a great mystery of creation.
The sacred nine are derivatives of the Sun and Moon. Yet within Amarjah’s nine the sum is greater than its parts and the power of word is well known to the holy spirit who moves over the water. The secret to life is water and light. A particle is formed within the rules of energetic levels. That universe is defined by the karmic laws of the mystery schools – and the Freemasons still search for she who creates it.
You are conscious dear friends – and as you gain use of your astral body you will begin to understand the multidimensional laws of reality and how to transcend or affect them.
The Gnostic gnows.
mar sin Mote sé a bheith
Pistis Sofia