Teaching Dreams

“Whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name.”

I frequently awaken knowing that I have been dreaming about teachings. Seldom do I remember the topics and the faces fade in the light of day. However, this was a special night and I awoke in the middle of the dream.

The student was struggling with the pronunciation of Freemason – speaking perhaps with a French accent. Questions were answered before the real work of the night began. The office was moving from New Jersey. Four of us were going to work to make the move happen.

The walls were covered in large photo prints of a blue background with a white horse and crescent moon. These large panels were going to be taken down and then restored in my office. Several of us were cracking jokes and making food to prepare for the trip. It was fun, it was important, and the new phase is coming in.

Thanks Ron Mangravite.