Dreaming Awake

Time slips into the future…
or as Steve Miller Bands says “Time keeps on slippin’ into the future.”

Taught transformative meditation in my dreams all morning. Everything crossed back over from dreaming awake into awake dreaming. Yet, within the hour it all faded to black. There is more going on here than most can imagine. Those long forgotten are drawn back; those who can’t remember don’t get it all.

The focus is here – on this work…as I learned to cross that fine line he showed at the last true Foundation meeting. I was the only one to detect it, but that was not surprising. The gift – don’t forget to ask for the gift.

Remembers the Egyptian mysteries to remind Brenda of the HONEY!

That fine line – so delicate, so very fine. Most would miss it. Heck, most will never even know it is there. Yet, the event horizon – how does it play in that? This is no forerunner; this is no fantasy. Perhaps Donna would understand it with her M& M’s. Yet, it is for this that we came.
We have come farther than we ever have before. Much farther and into the new territory for human gods. We shall see, father, we shall see.

This one is for you Dana with thanks to Brother Michael.

And to the Eagle of Ron Mangravite.