Ron Mangravite Talk

PSI Symposium Annual Journal 1999

Ronald Mangravite
July 14, 1983

Much of what I wanted to say has already been given to you by all the lovely people here who have been priming us with the idea of split brain theory; of two different modes of thinking; of two different kinds of consciousness. What I want to do today is simply to introduce you to something very new in science – very old in metaphysics – that we’re calling a holographic paradigm. We human beings exist as creatures who, except for the very fortunate, are usually torn by conflict. Even if you are not conflicted in your emotional processes, you have conflict in process, such as: “Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Am I too tall? Am I too short?” or, “Am I too fat?” Now, these are conflicts! In the world of psychology we’ll say that man is a creature of polar opposites – of either one or the other. Man’s thought and, even some women’s, is Aristotelian. Aristotle was both the blessing and curse of our culture in that he first established that, if a thing is A then it isn’t B, if it’s B then it’s not C and if it’s C it better not be A or there’s something wrong with your reasoning someplace. We are the victims, although joyful victims, because of the great blessings of the technology resulting from this kind of thinking.

It’s a cliché in the scientific world that once a scientist has developed a new tool they will use that tool on everything they possibly can, and if they find something upon which the tool does not work, they don’t bother investigating it. If you have a mode of scientific investigation you pick your problems to suit that which you have to investigate with. If you’ve got a nice sharp axe you don’t become a gardener, you go out and chop down trees.

A paradigm is a fancy three-bit word that has to do with the understanding of the causes of what makes your world go around. Generally, unless you are at the point of change of a paradigm, you don’t realize there is one, because to have a paradigm means simply that you think you understand what makes the world go around, and there are two ways about it – you understand. The paradigm we currently have says that, aside from “soft” stuff like art and music that’s really not very important to most people, the way the world goes around is that you push a button and something responds. You press one end of a lever down and the other end of a lever goes up. It’s cause and effect. You make something happen, and there’s a reaction. Karma!

Karma is not necessarily widely understood but the commonest way of explaining it is that if you do something you get a reaction…sometimes good, sometimes bad. The paradigm that we currently operate from is basically “rational” science, the “Cartesian/Newtonian” model, as scientists say, but we’re in the process of evolving a new paradigm – a paradigm which will change us drastically, as some of us have already been changed. Let me remind you that less than a millenium ago, if you tried to explain the way the world worked by means of rational science, you were burned at the stake. It was not so much because you were in violation of somebody’s ethics or morals, but because you were so obviously violating what people knew to be fundamentally true and that they could not abide having you so disrupt their order. It was not possible to suggest that something might be a cause other than the motions of God; and God as interpreted by a particular political order, which then was called the Catholic Church. Nothing to do with Catholicism, but, simply, the political function of the Church was to make sure that you believed the right way the world worked.

Before that there were other ways in which the world worked. Let me give you an idea of paradigm. When I was a kid and I was going somewhere and I was bored, and I had nothing better to do with time, I would sit in the car or on a subway and imagine what made the doors open and the windows go up and down and the little lights go on and off. The best thing I could think of was that there were very little men, who must have been very energetic and very bright and at the right time a little man would make the window go up and down. A little man would turn the light on and off, and obviously sometimes a little man was asleep, because if you knocked on the thing you woke him up and he proceeded to work. When I tried to make this clear to my brother, saying: “Look, all I gotta do is kick on the side of this thing and it starts now!” He said, “No, no no!” And I said “Why?” And he said, “Because it doesn’t work that way.” I said, “But I don’t believe it. Look! I kick on it and it works!”

This led to the formation of the Mangravite Theory of Reality which says that if it doesn’t work you get a hammer and you hit it, and, if it still doesn’t work, you get a heavier hammer and you hit it harder! You’d be surprised at how many things work that way. That’s a Mangravite paradigm of reality. We have lots of private ones, but we also all operate under one general one which started a long time ago. It reached its culmination I’d guess about 3,500 years ago. Not it’s beginning, but its peak 3,500 years ago. It’s something that took 20 to 30,000 years to start and peaked with the Greeks, and it’s been dying/changing ever since. It’s always changing and we’re now beginning to notice intellectually the fact of the death of the old and the birth of the new.

What I want to do quickly is to give you an idea of some of the science behind this stuff. The holographic paradigm is the exoteric face of what I think is an evolutionary pattern. And, at the same time, it’s the esoteric, because to me, as long as we’re operating in this world of duality where there are extremes of either/or, and you must separate the inside and the outside, the left and the right, the up and the down, the outside is the exoteric and the inside is the esoteric. Your interest in being here is to try to resolve that polarity. That’s what we do at conferences like this, we talk about the scientific proofs so as to justify and make us comfortable with our set of mores that we’ve carefully gotten in our left brain searches of the world. But we want to feel something that is truth beyond what our left brain tells us. That’s why it’s so fulfilling to hear somebody touch the spirit and tell us that the spirit says it is right. One of the most exciting things that I have encountered in reading about the holographic theory is this quote by a scientist. Until a few years ago if you asked a scientist if he believed in spirit he would say, “Of course not, I’m a scientist.” Within five or ten years if you ask a man if he believes in spirit he will say, “Of course I do, I’m a scientist!” You must understand what that means from my point of view of being trained in a discipline which says, “Don’t give me any of that garbage! Put it down in an equation and make both halves of the equation balance! Don’t tell me what it feels like! Spell it out!” A tremendous difference.

Holography is simply the foundation of all the alchemists; all of the Taoists; all of the Eastern teachings which say that All is One, One is All. As above, so below. Holography has been brought to the awareness of the scientific community by two striking attributes. The first one, the most interesting to the public, is the creation of holographic pictures. Such a picture is a three-dimensional image that forms when you shine light of a particular kind through it, and remember that please, because light, speaking as both a scientist and a mystic, is one of the chakras of the material universe. Many of you have heard the word chakra, and there are many ways of defining it but one of the principle ways is that a chakra is something which lies halfway between the body and the mind. Halfway between exoteric and esoteric. Halfway between being “genuine” matter and immaterial spirit. Light exists both as a fundamental single bit of matter that we call a photon, and as pure energy- pure consciousness. But, I’ll get back into that.

First of all, you must have light of a particular kind, laser light, clear light of a single vibration, and you shine it upon an object and you catch its reflection on a bit of photographic film. This photographic film is a series of crystals, crystals of silver, one of the sacred, pure, noble metals; a series of crystals embedded in gelatin, animal matter. Remember these things for they’re material facts which are inherently meaningless, random in the scientific order but they’re going to make a lot of sense esoterically. You shine this laser light upon an object and you capture its reflections on silver crystals embedded in a gelatin which may be animal protein. You get something that you cannot see any sense to whatsoever! It’s a meaningless blur until you illuminate it again, with another beam of pure laser light…clear, single vibrational light…and then you get an image and one that’s technically a “real” image. An image of an item which is three-dimensional. Which not only changes as the solid object does as you move your head from side to side looking at it but allows you to even see things apparently hidden behind an object in front of the picture apparently not visible to the lens of the camera.

If I were to take a picture of you sitting here, now, and from straight on someone’s head would be in front of someone else’s chest, I could take that holographic image and move my head off to the side and see behind the head that is in the way. It is a real picture! The most important thing about it is this: If I cut a small piece from the emulsion of that holographic picture and project it with laser light I can see every single thing – a little blurrier, a little less distinct, but every single thing that was in the entire picture will be visible to me. All of the physical universe, by this new paradigm, is a hologram. The tiniest bit of the universe contains all of the information – a little blurrier – that the entire universe contains. Every bit, be it bacterium, a grain of sand, a particle of dust, a bit of pollen, contains,literally, not metaphorically, all of that information in the entire physical universe.

There’s a second thing that illustrates another facet of the holographic theory: the principle of unfoldment. Between the holographic picture and the one I’m about to relate to you, are the two sides of holography that should make clear the rest of what I’m going to relate. This is an actual experiment. Imagine a cylinder and inside of it is another cylinder, one inside of another, and the space between them is filled with clear, white mineral oil. You take a long, thin medicine dropper and you interject a drop of jet-black ink, which will not dissolve, into the mineral oil. Then you slowly twist the two cylinders in opposite directions. The jet-black spot begins to stretch out into tiny lines and filaments – a spiral (as it is true with all things in nature, when you distort them in time and space they form spirals), and if you twist these cylinders many many times eventually you can no longer see the drop of ink but only a series of fine black lines almost too small to see. The drop’s invisible, but it is still there! Because, if you reverse the direction of rotation, all of the thin fibers and lines collect again and form the original single spot. It has stretched out over time and space as we know it and, yet, upon reversing the human application of time and space, space and time, you get back to a single one point identity.

One more thing and I’ll stop pushing too much science on you, is this… if you spin the stuff out a fair amount of the way and then you put another drop in it and begin to spin again, eventually you will see neither drop and all of the threads of ink will have mixed with each other, and you now have something approaching the apparent state of reality of our world – because the distinction between one and many is almost the same as the distinction between one and two savages. We count: Me…you and me and everybody else. As soon as you have more than one other you have many. It’s you, you and me, and the world outside. That’s third chakra thinking. Politics. And we look at everything in the universe and we think, “How can it be possible for a clairvoyant or a psychic or a mystic to decipher the past or the future in the collected combinations of events that could possibly go into the mixing of energies – infinite numbers of energies? Well, because, if you take those cylinders with the two drops of ink spread out into almost infinitely thin lines tangled with each other, and you begin to rotate them backwards, they will separate cleanly and form again into two totally separate drops. No matter how tangled the relationships and the concepts and the lines and the thoughts of energy, history, human affairs, and mechanisms are – on the level of which we think consciousness can operate the new holographic concept, everything can be sorted out – back into it’s single point source and it’s original relationship of one thing to another; and all other things are related to one another. Then, if you remember the holographic picture, every single part can contain the whole. If you had taken a “slice” down one side of that cylinder arrangement, it would show, as any “slice of life” does, only a series of apparently unrelated lines. Yet, as we have seen, they are all one line – enfolded, implicit in the many is the one.

What would it take to operate on this level of consciousness? The kind of thinking that apparently is done spontaneously, by mystics, psychics and people who get involved in the paranormal. The people who are investigating this holographic paradigm are finding to their amazement that the way in which a mystic or a psychic describes the way information comes to them is similar in nature to the holographic way in which they feel that basic physical energy is operating – identical.

Now, to start on the esoteric end of this and then try to tie it together a bit. Let me see how fast I can give you something more which may sound like being technical but it’s really not. I said before, light is a peculiar animal. A very classic experiment which broke the ground for the formation of this new view of reality -–an experiment involving the shining of light through a very narrow opening in a wall – produced a phenomenon we call diffusion. That is to say, a thin beam of light passing through a small slit spreads out into a wide fan-like configuration rather like a spray of water coming out of the end of a garden house. On the other hand, if you have two slits in this wall through which you are shining the light, a spray of light coming out forms interference patterns, sets of shadows which, in overlapping, form light and dark intervals. This is an interference pattern which is typical of all wave phenomenon like two similar sounds that form beat notes. Whereas the diffusion is what’s typical of tiny particles. So, light can behave as either a particle, matter, or a wave. Now, that is puzzling but the more puzzling part is this – if you narrow the stream of light down to a smaller and smaller stream until ultimately there is only a single particle of light called a photon passing through the imaginary wall – if you have a single hole – that particle of light can fall randomly anywhere on the target area. It will fit into that circle which is the diffuse pattern. If you have two slits, one close to the other, and you pass a single photon of light through either one of those slits it will never, never land in a place on the target area which would be the wrong place, if there were an interference pattern being generated. It’ll never land in a place that would be dark. It will only land in a place that should be light. Now! Think. What makes the photon land in a general circle or in a particular place in the interference pattern is whether there are one or two slits. How does the particle of light know whether there is one or two slits? The way this used to be “explained” was to quote statistics, or to imply that it had nothing to do with the light, but only some unknown factor of the experiment. How does it know? It knows because at least by modern standards, we have to ascribe to it some kind of consciousness.

A couple of years ago I did a healing on a lady and after the healing she gave me a present of a very, very nice quartz crystal. The first crystal I had ever owned and, while I had no particular interest at the time in crystals, I played with it. I played with it just out of curiosity, without trying to understand anything about it, and I found that I was feeling the damned thing. Not reading it as I might a person’s watch or a bit of furniture but feeling it the way I’d feel a tree. Except, of course, it didn’t feel like a tree or a rabbit or a person or even a plant. It felt like something else. It felt alive and I ended up feeling that crystal, because it had an order of consciousness hypothetically lower than either human plant or animal which are pretty high on the evolutionary spectrum, was amenable to being used by my consciousness without its altering its own consciousness. Kind of a cosmic walk-in. I don’t care for the idea of walk-ins, but it allowed itself to be used without its ego (if you can imagine the ego of a crystal) being impugned. Whereas the ego of an animal, no matter how small or lowly, might be damaged in the esoteric sense by my using it, but not the crystal. And I found that I could do things with that crystal as if it were a magnifier of my own energies. I began to use it in healing. I found that I could involve the consciousness of the crystal and myself as something a little stronger and more sharply defined than my own consciousness. After I’d done this for a few months, I was talking to a class about psychic healing and in the length of time in which I paused to take a breath between sentences I had a flash of vision. I saw myself in front of a podium very much like the one before me here but a little lower, and on the podium there was a piece of crystal about the size of a grapefruit but differently shaped. I had spent many years searching for this crystal and slowly preparing it for something. In front of the podium was a circle of figures. I didn’t focus on them very clearly. They were waiting. They were waiting to supply an added boost at the exact instant that I could focus all of my energies, self and psyche, upon the crystal. At the instant that I focussed perfectly, I was to split it into two halves and, in that splitting, was to be obtained the goal of many, many years of training. Because suddenly either half of that crystal would achieve something beyond its original nature.

Quartz is silicon. Silicon is crystalline because it has a regular pattern. The normal pattern of such things is approximately a cube but it may also be thought of, this is a little messy in its geometry I realize, as two three-sided pyramids with the bases touching. Those of you who know about pyramidology know that the energies of a pyramid focus one third up from the base and two thirds down from the top, in the massive center. There is a positive spot of energy there. You may also know that at the same exact distance under the base there is another spot of energy which has a negative field. What would happen if you took two pyramids and slapped them together base to base? The positive field of one would overlap the negative field of the other, and they would neutralize each other. The same thing happens when you put two magnets together. They neutralize each other and the magnetic current flows between the two and is not easily useable.

By splitting the quart crystal I had cut in half, symbolically, a single crystal of silicon, and now either half of that crystal was capable of being used as a magnet – a pyramid. Could be used as a power source by having been separated. It had acquired polarity, and in polarity there is dynamism – there is tension, there is force. Remember that image while I go on. Now, if the holographic theory has any validity, it implies that nothing happens alone in this universe. That all things are inter-related…that every sparrow that falls, fall with and because of an empire and every empire that falls does so together with the death of an ant. I have seen that there is a cultural pattern, and that there is a biological pattern, and there is also an esoteric pattern and I refuse to think that they are coincidental. All things relate to all other things.

Everybody in this room must know the chakra system, which is not anymore valid than any other system, but it’s a handle. It’s a tool designed to help understand a reality not graspable by words, but only by analogies and symbols. The symbols of the chakra system are not simply places on the body but, let me say, evolutionary steps that the mind, psyche and consciousness go through in development. The first chakra level says, “Here I am. Here I am.” Tiny little animal saying, “Here I am. I am. Here I am!” Homo erectus, approximately a million and a half years ago was busy scrambling around being a little animal that said, “Here I am.” At some point in man’s evolutionary path an animal arose that realized that we could exist as not simply “Here I am”, but “Here I am and here you are.” And biological mating, procreation, became not simply something which was done reflexively but something which was done consciously. Sex was born. Sex is not simply the coming together of two animals with the production of a third. But the conscious coming together of two beings for the producing of a third. Then the third chakra adds, “You and I together with a third.” A classic trilogy of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Whenever we describe an esoteric triangle we’re really showing two opposites and their coming together in a point of the triangle – the esoteric completion. If I see the left side of a stick and I see the right side of a stick and I know they’re related even though they’re on opposite sides – that’s the resolution, and that’s understanding, and that’s wisdom. Neanderthal, who lived perhaps 150,000 years ago to 35,000 years ago, was a very highly evolved being. A human being; not Homo sapiens, but human nevertheless, with an enormous brain. A brain that had a tremendous capacity. Larger in many cases than our own, but shaped differently. There’s an excellent book by a woman named Jean Auel called THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR which presents a sound physiological reason of how the mind of Neanderthal probably worked. The Neanderthal mind was concentrated primarily in the cerebellum…the great massive central chunk of the brain that grew after the spinal cord, after the hind portions of the brain which were common to all of the very early animals, animals that could only say, “Here I am.” Animals that evolved the sexual responses and the primitive shamanistic brain and then the cerebellum evolved. Neanderthal knew things by a sort of tribal instinct, not by cerebral activity, as we know it, even though the cerebrum was already rudimentarily formed. That’s the part we now consider as the left and right fore brains. All of that business is the cerebrum. Neanderthal knew many things but knew by racial memory, or a kind of Cosmic Consciousness; and that is, if anyone knows a thing, all could know it.

A member of a tribe of Neanderthal could find a new, strange shrub and investigate the properties of the leaves on that shrub by chewing and eating and making infusions and decoctions of teas and learn what the shrub was good for. If they lived in a tribe of only 10 to 20 other Neanderthal, would they die with that knowledge forever lost? No. Because, according to this book, and for a very sound exoteric and esoteric reason, another Neanderthal could sit down and meditate, approach the group consciousness through the cerebellum, and find the knowledge of what that shrub was good for without ever having seen it before. Because once one Neanderthal knew it, the rest of them could know it. Now, let’s suppose that after we as a species discovered what it was like to evolve second chakra sexuality, we took the next step upward, the third chakra, and anything tends to develop a negative aspect when we overdo it, and we have overdone the third chakra. We’ve overdone it to death and half the world’s death – with war, oppression and politics. But what are the positive aspects of the third chakra? What happened when Cro-Magnon, 25-30,000 years ago, began first to find the full function of the cerebrum? That split cerebrum, the left and the right….A is not B…third chakra separation? What happened? Instead of being small, weak family groups that could be wiped out by a couple of hungry lions, by a short famine, the species began to come together and form tribes, and the tribes had power. The tribes came together and formed towns, and a single family would not die because of an invading group of other families. They fight them off. Then they formed cities, and what happens in a city? It’s more than just numbers. It is a qualitative change that comes as well as a quantitative one. In the city, human consciousness could come together, reach an intensity and peak that led to the formation of all of the things that we now take for granted: the idea of unity, political unity, of technology; wheels; uses of fire; and architecture. Architecture began to house people and gods, and give the understanding of space and line and form. All of this came out of the third chakra separation of things.

When you’re in a thing, and it’s alive, you don’t see it. Fish don’t see the ocean. (You only miss it when it’s gone.) And the final most important statement of a phase may be its peak moment. Somewhere between the middle dynasties of Egypt, and the Greeks, the full flowering of the third chakra was achieved and we had knowledge. We had knowledge that was power, that enabled weak and helpless human animals to ultimately master the physical universe. To create symbols which enabled the newly formed portion of the brain to achieve an infinitesimal mastery of the all powerful universe that we existed in only as floating motes – tiny, small, helpless creatures. And the Greeks wrote it down. (Which the Egyptians did not, at least in any form that we can remember.) So we credited them, and it’s been downhill ever since. It began to be debased by over-use and what we have now is the residue of this knowledge, while we should be/are evolving something else, if I’m right. The early teachers taught human beings how to live together. One of the supposed lessons of Atlantis and its fall was that you cannot live in disharmony.

What about the later teachers, really recent men, what were they teaching? Love! What’s love? The fourth chakra. But things go faster once a cycle is started. Things pick up speed slowly and then go faster, and faster and faster and the way I see these things is as a long, slow uphill climb which begins to accelerate. What I’m drawing on the board is a picture of a logarithmic, exponential curve which is the way mathematicians and scientists describe most natural phenomena. It reaches a peak and then instead of coming down it turns into something new. I’d say that the evolution of the heart chakra was somewhere here, which means that whatever process we’re making is going to come exponentially faster. The bulk of the world is now busy going from third chakra to fourth chakra while a smaller percentage, those who are on the forefront of an evolutionary process, are already well into the fourth chakra – heart. No one comes to this conference who cannot empathize and love. You’re also here because you’re investigating the fifth chakra – the throat. The throat is not just communication but also control – paranormal control of a material universe. Many of us in this room have gone beyond that, and most of the teachers here are not only teaching control of the universe, they are teaching wisdom – the sixth chakra. Beyond it all is the final, ultimate point that all this is driving toward – the seventh chakra. How do we characterize the seventh chakra? The first is, “Here I am.” The second is, “You and I.” The third is, “Us.” The fourth starts it all over again in a higher cycle: “We are,” not, “Here I am”, but, “We are.” The fifth is, “Us” in the esoteric sense. When I move a piece of metal or effect an instrument with the power of thought, the fifth chakra is potent. Potency. An esoteric second chakra. At the sixth chakra level is an esoteric third chakra. Third chakra is the coming together of large numbers of people, and at the sixth chakra you bring together numbers of facts. Out of unrelated peoples you make a city and out of unrelated facts you make a concept, a structure, a temple and that’s wisdom. Knowledge is how many facts you know, wisdom is relating these facts.

And the seventh chakra? The beginning again of a cycle, because it says, “I am.” This is the name of God – I am. The first again of a new cycle. Now, if there is a parallel in what I say, not just esoterically and culturally, but also physiologically, it makes sense out of the teaching method that I’ve been using in the past six to nine months. That is to show people in meditation how to connect different parts of their minds and their psyche as they meditate. You visualize in the left forebrain. You feel emotionally in the mid-brain. You feel, primitively, in the hind brain, and when you learn, through relatively simple techniques, how to feel, primitively and at the same time visualize, you’re capable of doing what Blavatsky was hinting at in “Plastic Will” – you’re creating Thought Forms. You’re connecting the two different ends of the spectrum, and part of the power that enables us to do these things is that split and resulting tension between the two halves of the brain.

If I’m right, and there is an evolutionary process going on, it may have happened this way. There’s a dot of self which gets stretched out in time (like the ink drop) and we call it the spine, and on top of that we’ve created another level of hind brain, a basic power system. By the way, as a sort of footnote, the amygdala of the hind brain, when stimulated in the meditations of a psychic or mystic, appears to make connections between the basic nerve fibers in the same way that connections occur between individual quanta on the universal level. When the hippocampus, which is another chunk of the hind brain, is stimulated, primitive, archetypal memories, perhaps both of the private self and a cosmic consciousness, potential reincarnational memories, are brought forth. That’s part of my work in transpersonal psychology. When you stimulate the next higher section of the brain to grow after that, you get psi phenomena, yogic physiological control – but all of these levels are a uniform piece of brain. Only the cerebrum divides in a fashion providing tension. If this is an evolutionary process, what comes after? Is the cerebrum all there is? No. There is a rudimentary next layer forming now in the brain. This new layer is not split. It bridges the cerebral gap. It implies that the next unfoldment need not have the divisiveness of our past. This layer is called the neo-cortex, and while it is only a few cells thick, there wasn’t much cerebrum in the skull of Neanderthal. It won’t be a question of millenia for those few cells to develop. Neanderthal had almost no cerebrum. Cro-Magnon blossomed “full-born” with a cerebrum virtually identical to ours. The period of time for the disappearance of Neanderthal and the dominance of Cro-Magnon was possibly as short as five to ten generations. So the neo-cortex is in the process of forming, and, there may shortly be that in every human being which will enable them to function on another level of brain awareness, to be consciously part of that holographic paradigm. How did it “know” when it was time to form? How do the particles of light know? Consciousness. Consciousness shaping reality. Shaping the matter of our bodies. There is a well-known physicist who suggests when you go looking for sub-atomic particles you can find as many as you want, because the design and expectation of the experiment will create the particles. It’s an extension of the Heisenberg theory; saying that if you look for something you’ll find or create it. If you look for a sub-atomic particle that has not been known to exist before, and you design your experiment properly or improperly you’ll find that sub-atomic particle. That’s a known historical pattern. There’s an apparently infinite number of these particles perhaps because they are not real. We’re creating them with our mind.

Where might the energy for this, for creating a new body, come from? Scientifically, the amount of energy contained in a wave, or vibration, is proportional to how fast it travels, and its length. The shorter the wave, the faster it travels and the greater its energy. Thought is a vibration – as we think “consciously”, that is meditatively and esoterically, we appear to grow calmer. This calming is accompanied by shorter and shorter waves; a faster vibration. As you become more esoterically tuned your thought processes literally vibrate faster. As a vibration or wave gets both smaller and faster, two things occur. It can get to be a short enough vibration so that the space it moves within gets to be a size that goes into the realm of quantum-wave mechanics – where light operates and the conventional physical laws break down. And, as it also goes faster and faster, it approaches the speed of light again! This time by its speed, not just size, it approaches a realm of operation that transcends the norm. You enter the realm of the holographic analogy, the realm of the paranormal, – no time or space as you know it. Your consciousness enlarges to fill the universe and contain the knowledge of that universe.

But back to energy…as the length of a wave shrinks, it has more and more potential energy. The smallest wave length that we have been able to measure, up to now, is about 10 to the minus 33rd power. Beyond this master number, space and time disappear and whatever form the still vibrating wave takes may be only a kind of consciousness or gravity which are related – and the potential energy approaches infinity. At the level of 10 to the minus 33rd the potential energy of these vibrations of space are such that one cubic centimeter of space, empty of all normal “matter”, but vibrating, contains more latent, real physical energy than all of the rest of the matter in the physical universe. If all of the matter of the physical universe were to explode in a big bang, there would be less energy involved than that contained in one cubic centimeter of emptiness.

But that emptiness contains the vibration of consciousness, and it is available to you. The amount of energy available to consciousness is infinitely greater than the amount tied up in matter and you can have all of it at your command.

Let’s go back to that crystal. Remember the crystal being split in half and both halves having more useful power because of it? The brain is a sort of chemical jelly. It contains several fats, including cholesterol. These have in common a trait known to the chemist as being a “liquid crystal”. The bulk of your brain and nervous system is an organic crystal. If you can split a pyramid away from another pyramid and get the power inherent in pyramid energy; if you can split a silicon crystal in half and get more power – then what happened with the split in the liquid crystal system of the brain? A power formed. A power that we have gotten so much of that we must learn to control it lest it destroy us, and this is where it came from. Could there be a further relationship in this image of a split crystal? The split brain being a liquid crystal? How about light? How about light as consciousness? How about the idea that anytime someone successfully meditates they may experience a tremendous rush of light? Or, that as far as anyone has been able to tell in investigation, light has consciousness? How about the idea that the way consciousness works in our minds is identical to the way quantum transformations work? How about the idea in all esoteric philosophies that you must come into the clear light in order to become immortal – in order to have your consciousness survive? How about the idea that to become en-light-ened gives you power and understanding and knowledge over the material physical world? How about the idea in Eastern traditions that becoming psychologically and spiritually advanced is to clear up your vibration? To remove all the conflicting vibrations so that you emit a single clear light? So that you become a laser? How about the idea that if there was a universal consciousness which might be God – which also might be us without our knowing it, most of us don’t know it – that when that consciousness is appreciated and felt, that a single clear vibration of light and consciousness can pass through the split liquid crystal of your brain and give you the power to literally create the physical universe? Because, back now to the implications of the holographic theory and talking as a scientist, every bit of consciousness in the universe is linked to every other bit of consciousness. Every bit of matter in the universe is identical. Every quanta of energy in the universe is apparently the same quanta.

We have come from one thing – a tiny seed, a tiny point. We’ve grown and we’ve come apart. We’ve come apart into many. And in that coming apart has been strife and war and great accomplishment…the funding of each other and the creation of love…and the creation of wisdom through knowledge and facts. What is given to everyone who is alive now is to be close enough to actually see the next coming together when the limitations of matter will no longer be our own limitations. I like to think that the only limitation that my body has is what my mind cannot conceive and my body includes the known universe. You can see the beginnings of this because you’re already in it and it’s not the end. After that will be another cycle and another until what will happen is the evolution of consciousness of the physical universe as Teilhard de Chardin predicted. In that consciousness we may all become aware first of being gods, and then of being god and of the being of both one and many at the same time.