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Mystery School

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Transformative Meditation Mystery School Seeking Higher Power

Mystery School – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Mystery School – a place of integration and application of the world’s mysteries to evolve global consciousness through spiritual activism. Mystery school is not for everyone – only those willing to commit to understand themselves, the world, and spiritual forces that direct it. As we revamp not only ourselves, our school, and our work in the world, the ancient mysteries  [ Read More ]

Full Moon February

When I first met my teacher Ron at a dinner with friends, I discovered he was an excellent cook. He served as his appetizer a delicious shrimp. Noticing how people deferred to him and wondering just what claim he had, I asked him, “Who are you?” Unbeknownst to me that was the question to all initiates. Who are we? Part of  [ Read More ]

Dancing in the Light

There are rays of light streaming into the living room – a beautiful unseasonable warm (60F) day. I have the dining room furniture to deal with today so I put my huge old cd shuffler on and let the music play. The sound echos across the way and I dance. There is an old Native American understanding that if you  [ Read More ]

The Pub …

In my dreams . . . Tired of driving the main highway, I turn off to the right onto a rural gravel/dirt road. Harley the cat is with me and I believe we are looking for a place for him to stretch his legs. The road dead ends into an old farm, red barn in the background, and with construction  [ Read More ]

Rainbows, rocks, cats, and snakes…

Still haven’t caught up to tell Rita about my real work, but will try to add more details here and there. My spiritual quest to find the meaning of life, why I am here, and what’s it all about began in a mystery school. There all the paranormal, unusual and prophetic skills were accepted and understood. For the first time  [ Read More ]

Gathering up the pieces…

The astral is a place of intrigue, mystery and exploration. The exploration is rich enough to be lost in forever. The use of it, however, is reserved for the initiates and the wayward seeker who finds a path that works well enough. Last night I was teaching meditation in a place much like Omega Institute were I served as core faculty  [ Read More ]

Now that you have my attention…

It was a moment of unconsciousness, a misstep, and then a somersault down the stairs to hit the landing hard. The cat looked at me as if asking why I was making so much noise. I realized I was not paying attention. I had allowed my mind to wander. My back hurt. My ankles hurt from overextension and certainly my  [ Read More ]

And So the Circle Opens

Jim brought me to the new location – a large meeting room in a somewhat remote location. There was a lake or ocean nearby and sandy white paths. He set up a blue plastic tent for himself and me. I had not seen him in 25 or 30 years. Yet I never have forgotten his kindness to me or a  [ Read More ]

The Hieros Gamos Enacted

With such a provocative title, I hesitate to even write my rather mundane thoughts this morning. It’s very cold here today and awoke long before first light. However, it quickly became a day of updates, home staging, cleaning, and staying warm. However, as I record a book I am reading to bring my voice back into shape, I am struck  [ Read More ]

The Dark Tower

There they stood, ranged along the hillsides, met To view the last of me, a living frame For one more picture! In a sheet of flame I saw them and I knew them all. And yet Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set, And blew. ’Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.’ Robert Browning   In the moments it  [ Read More ]