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Mystery School – Gayle Clayton

Paperback available here.

Mystery School by Gayle Clayton, Amarjah, Ron Mangravite

Mystery School is the author’s quest for a spiritual teacher and a path to enlightenment. Weary of reading of others’ experiences, Clayton explores teachers, seen and unseen, and an awakening of her own spiritual gifts. She joins a mystery school without quite knowing what it is. Her experiences provide an insightful insider’s journey.

Mystery school is not a linear journey. The teaching techniques are holographic in nature allowing the participants to formulate their own perspective of truth. Clayton provides an honest portrayal of the process of transformation.

This insider’s perspective of the secrets of the universe as revealed through mystery school are profound. The mysteries are in there for those with the eyes to see.

Clayton has taught mystery school at the Omega Institute, Pathfinder Bookstore and through the Amarjah Wisdom School. Join the journey to become part of the creative force to transform not only yourself, but the universe as well.


Gayle Clayton 2014

Gayle Clayton 2014

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  1. Rita says:

    Will you be teaching the mystery school? I would love to attend the one Denise will be doing with Franklin and Carl but I live in N.C. Any suggestions?

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