My head is ashimmer

“There is a whole universe inside of you,” said Ron at one of the Foundation meetings.

After much badgering by the group who insisted that he tell each of them what they needed to do to become more aware, Ron caved in. There was some anxiety in waiting as he made his path around the circle. Finally he stood before me and offered:

“You are Queen. And there is a whole universe inside of you.”

His eyes had been intense and unblinking. His voice was soft. I doubt anyone else heard those words. He moved on very quickly from me. I remembered the words, but had no idea what they meant.

So many years later, I remember that incident as if it was yesterday. State specific consciousness. When you enter the specific level of awareness, you suddenly recall everything as if it were yesterday. When you need that information, you have access to it. Such is the global mind.

“If you don’t reach transcendence, the booby price is enlightenment” was one of Ron’s favorite reminders. Those foundation meetings were intense and he referred to them as intensives. I doubt few of us know the multiverse he created in those meetings. I will say that seldom would you find any two members who would agreed had been taught or transmitted. My own experience of him was energetic. I seldom know what the lectures were about until I received the recordings weeks later.

At the end of my tenure in his Bonclarken training intensives he told me I had graduated. We both knew that I was accepted into higher level work. For the most part I had identified my weakness, worked on transcending my ego and emotions, and recognized markers in “real” life. This had been a low spot in my world – ending a professional career, moving back south, breaking up with a long time partner, etc. I looked forward to those two weeks a year where he taught me. For a while, those two weeks were the only thing I had to look forward to.

Back to the present, so much has happened since the eclipse. The return of the UFOs – today I received a picture from a friend who lives 10 miles down the road. And then the teaching dreams returned.  Sometimes I begin dreaming before I fall asleep. The appearance of former students, long ago friends, and acquaintances has been lucid in our interactions.

One of the recent interactions was with Chris and her daughter Erin at a mall. I haven’t been in a mall in 20 years! Another with Trish, Deb, Claire, Ted, Barb. Barb and I met up in Mexico and had no trouble at all with the changing venue of Egypt and Peru. There don’t seem to be specific teachings but a need for our presence elsewhere on the planet. Every night a lucid dream.

When I looked at myself in the mirror recently I realized I had the long curly hair that my astral body has always had. There is a merging here of astral and physical. And symptoms of a spiritual integration.

Not long ago I meditated before sleep and suddenly felt a wave of blissful energy pass through me. A bliss in a huge body in the cosmos. Bliss in timeless nothingness. Organic, star, and emotional bliss. The symbol of Nut comes to mind. The hair of Shiva.

The breath of Brahma. I exhale and a point universe appears. A universe of energetic lines – the interruption of space-time with a particle of mass. The mass, space and time all created together. The lines were filled with karma, action-reaction,  A particle is an interruption in the wave of bliss/light.

“My god it is full of stars,” 2001 movie. Stars generate light.


This is the echo, the mirror, the reflection of light. That group creation the we created in an effort to know who we are, why we are here, and what we came here to accomplish.